5 Ways To Create A Great Lead Magnet

Following the tips below will help you to create a lead magnet that gets people talking about your business, subscribing to your mailing lists and buying your products. 

Keep It Short and Sweet 

Imagine somebody has just spent the last ten minutes watching cat videos on Facebook. Are they really going to go from that to reading a 15-page essay? They’ll probably get bored of your content after a few seconds and kick any plans to buy from you into the long grass. You need to express yourself as concisely and as easily as possible to keep people reading. 

Keep It Relevant 

Why does your lead magnet matter to that specific audience? Could they have gained some insight while glancing at your materials in between stops on the train or bus? If you want to get sales from your lead magnet, it has to get to a point that your audience cares about as quickly as possible. There’s no use in attracting students to a site about personal finance and dedicating the first page of your lead magnet to pensions. If you talk about managing overdrafts in an easily-accessible way, you will generate considerably more leads from a student audience. 

Get Some Good Graphics 

Nobody wants to download something that looks sloppy. You need whatever you are emailing a prospect to stand out from the other several dozen marketing emails they receive every day. Colours need to be bright, fonts need to capture people’s attention, and images need to be of the highest quality. If you are sending a long piece of text, why not include some animations to make it more interesting? However good your writing is, sending people a wall of text is unlikely to get them excited about your product. 

Make It Easily Downloadable 

Absolutely nothing is worse than subscribing to a mailing list and then having to download attachments that use huge amounts of memory and take ages to open. You’ve only got a few seconds to make an impression on people when they open your emails. You’re lead magnet will be pointless and may even turn into a lead deterrent if it is difficult to download. 

Avoid Jargon 

Using industry jargon that isn’t easily understood by the general public in your lead magnet, won’t help you sell to them. Make your point in a clear, straightforward way that is immediately obvious to everybody reading your lead magnet, so that it does its job and convinces as many of your audience as possible to buy from you. 

Happy lead generation! 


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