How To Make A Great Marketing Plan

You’ve made a great product, and you know that it is your ticket to fame and fortune. You just need to sell it. Here we will give you some tips on how to create marketing campaigns that bring customers into your business, rather than pouring money out of it. 

Preparation Brings You Profit 

Everyone knows that even the most creative, socially-orientated marketing will cost some money. You want every pound you are spending to bring several pounds back into your business. Perfect preparation allows this to happen. Before beginning any marketing campaign, you need to research who your ideal customers are. The words ‘client profile’ sound like strong contenders for a marketing jargon of the year prize.

However, it is essential to know who your ideal client is and what their interests are so that your advertising both reaches them and convinces them to spend their hard-earned cash with you. Which websites do they visit frequently? Where do they shop? What do they buy? What are there hobbies?

Finding answers to these questions will enable you to perfectly craft your advertising and roll-out your campaign. If you are selling training courses to young people, is there a local bar or nightclub that you could partner with on Instagram to reach these ideal customers? Could you offer them free accessories branded with your logo? If you don’t place this research at the core of your marketing plan, you’ll never know how to implement your campaign most effectively. 

Your Marketing Needs To Reflect Your Values 

Imagine meeting someone at a networking event who claimed to be very busy, and then seeing this very busy person find time to fall asleep on one of the chairs outside the conference room. Clearly, they aren’t that busy, and they’ve just lied to you. Is lying part of their business model? You won’t know for sure but you might suspect it. 

When you market your business you have to reflect who you are as well as what you sell. Long-term relationships are built on trust. People will only do business with you if they feel that you share the same values as them and they can trust you. 

You might also want to raise awareness for a particular cause which your product supports. Think about this when creating a marketing plan. Don’t just jump on somebody else’s hashtag because it’s trending. Do something original, that shows everyone the type of company that they will be doing business with when they purchase from you.

Say What Your Mean

Nobody has time to consider the subtle nuances that you may have included in your campaign messaging. You want to sell to people, not invite them to send you a 4-page essay on the meaning of life. Be clear about what you are selling, why someone should buy it, where they can buy it, and what the price is. You only have a few seconds to capture a prospect’s attention and get them interested in your business. Use your marketing plan to work out exactly how you’ll make these seconds count. 

A great marketing plan will create messages that persuade the people who you want to become your customers that they should buy your product, because your company feels the same way about the world as they do and has created this product to make their lives easier. If you don’t create this message through careful planning, one of your competitors will. Then they’ll take your sales. 


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