Talking To Your Leads

Brand awareness is brilliant, as are clicks and subscriptions to your mailing lists. However, if consumers’ reactions to your marketing campaigns do not result in them making purchases from your business, then these campaigns have not served their purpose. Here we will give you some top tips on how to contact your leads and turn their interest into sales. 

Prepare, Continue Preparing And Then Prepare A Bit More 

The best way to predict questions that your audience may have about your products is to research what they are interested in and what popular concerns are amongst their demographic, so that you can begin to prepare outlines of answers to some of the questions that might arise. This preparation means that your whole team can be consistent in their responses to enquiries from prospects, who will then always receive a clear, unambiguous message, no matter who they speak to in your company. From a consumer’s point of view, there’s nothing worse than being given different answers from different staff members, who have to run each question past a supervisor. Preparation helps you to stay consistent, build trust with customers, and secure repeat business from them. 

Work Prepared Answers Into Your Marketing Emails 

If your customers and potential customers are both asking you the same questions, why not work answers to these questions into a concise newsletter that acknowledges how much a particular issue matters to your consumers. This gives them the answers they want to hear before they call customer service. For example, if you make an app and people are unsure of how to access certain features on a particular device, dedicate a newsletter to explaining how users of that device can get the best from your app. Ensure that at all times you are showing customers how your product improves their lives and how deeply your company cares about the relevant area of their lifestyle. 

Personalise Emails 

This seems obvious but needs to be mentioned as some businesses are still emailing generic circulars to their audience. Many of these emails come across as: 


We couldn’t be bothered to look up your name or any information about you that could have acted as an ice-breaker, because we’re not that bothered about you to be honest. Anyway, please give us your money as soon as possible, because we’re hugely passionate about boosting our profits. 


Another Soulless Company

Make the effort to look-up someone’s name and a few details about their history with your company, or any previous emails they have sent you on the issue under discussion, so that can show them how much you care about them, and how much you would appreciate their long-term business. 

Make Sure That You Keep Up With Current Affairs And Amend Your Emails Accordingly

Times of tragedy or remembrance are not good times to send out emails offering discounted car insurance. Make sure you stay up to date with issues affecting your audience, so that you can avoid sending emails that appear insensitive and plunge your business into a PR meltdown. 

These tips will help you to show your leads that you care about them and will therefore persuade them to interest in your products to purchases of your products. 


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